Earth Guardian Lite
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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"protect the safety and sustainable development of the earth, the environment and its various biological and make a positive change through action" --By Greenpeace

[Best feature]
1、Contains the physics engine, the movement of objects and the effect of water is more really and naturally

1.Contains 6 different maps and 10 different levels。
2.Contains many different objects, picking up the room, picking up the car, pick up beautiful women, all allow you to pick up。^_^
3.There is a hide level, can give you lot of money if you get it
4.Contains some interesting small games。You can win money from the game!
5.The dynamic help illustrate. Help no longer static。
6.Protecting the Earth is to protect our own!!!
7.Support iphone 3gs, iphone4, iphone4s, iphone5, ipad1, ipad2, new pad, ipad mini, ipad4.

It is very important to upgrade the speed of movement
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