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This app analyses how well (or bad/badly?) you use the English language. It is the most useful English grammar app by far, offering the quickest way to improve your English.

The English Grammar Health Check is suitable for:
•Primary, secondary & tertiary students
•ESL students
•Parents (the test can be used as a fun quiz game)
•Business professionals who need to brush up on their English language skills
•Native and non-native speakers of English

It is a valuable tool that determines what aspects of your English language you need to improve. Detailed results are given at the end of each level of difficulty. On the completion of each level, you will be shown which areas of your grammar need improving. Links are given to some of the best free English grammar websites offering explanations and interactive activities. Simply choose a link to resources to search for grammatical errors (shown in red) and instantly improve your grammar. Also included are links to free online dictionaries, as well as links to English for academic purposes sites.

How it works
There are 3 levels of difficulty:
Each level has 30 questions with multiple choice answers.
Questions cover a huge range of English grammar, such as verb forms, tenses, articles, prepositions, conjunctions, sentence structure, phrasal verbs, passive construction, misplaced modifiers, … (90 aspects of grammar in total).
Exam conditions can be simulated using the optional test mode with time restrictions.
Sound effects are optional.
You get a progress summary report at the end of each level showing you:
•Exactly which areas of grammar need improving
•Correct answers (green) and incorrect answers (red)
•Your test results given as a percentage
•Time taken to do the test
The progress report allows you to tap on any question to revise it.
You can share the results with friends using facebook, twitter or email.
You can even use the notes function to keep a track of your personal progress.

"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand."
Give your knowledge of English a pain free health check. The benefits could be immense!
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