Escape the Tower
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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◎ Help the Sheep Escape From The Tower ! ◎

Originally, everything was so peaceful in Sheep's lovely homestead.

Until one day, an evil Zombie invaded Sheep's home


Sheep was locked in a tower and tried hard to escape from it.

Finally, Sheep successfully fled from the gloomy room.

However, unfortunately, Sheep fell in the trap set by the wicked Zombie afterward.

Sheep has to avoid miscellaneous traps and keep moving to the lower floors lest he get electrocuted.

Click left-hand and right-hand screen to move the Sheep to protect him from injury caused by electric ceiling and assist him in escaping from the tower.

★★★Key Features★★★
1.TERRIFIC: Gorgeous design and ravishing game scene
2.EXCITING & CHALLENGING: Keep moving to the lower floors lest the Sheep get hurt
3.REWARDED: Get prizes when the Sheep moves to the lower floors
4.FULFILLING & SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT: Sheep can become “stronger” by obtaining equipment and supplies at the shop
5.In-App Purchase Supported – Make the Sheep much more “Well-Prepared” and better equip him to escape from the tower
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