Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-09-12
Publisher InfoTechRhythm
Date 2012-09-12
Publisher InfoTechRhythm
FairPair is a colorful puzzle, that is perfectly suited for children. It develops logic and the associative thinking as well. The FairPair's key distinctive feature is pointing out the logically linked objects, but not just memorizing the same pictures.

A player is supposed to use logic and background knowledge in order to find the associative link between the pictures on the playfield. When playing further, one needs to remember the solved pairs, as they can appear more than once on different levels. The playtime for every higher level is reduced and the new pairs' quantity is increased. If the player fails, two more tries remain but fewer points can be gained.

A new level can be opened by winning a definite sum of points. It means, to open the second level one should win several times on the first level and so on. The higher levels bring more points. Moreover when the player succeeded in opening the next level, there is a bonus picture which can be saved on device.

* The game is free, has no build-in purchases and any advertisement banners either
* There are 60 pictures in different thematics
* The game's atmosphere is supplemented with detailed design and nice audio
* FairPair and FairPairHD for iPad are both optimized for Retina displays
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