Fantasy Defense
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-01-18
Publisher Playbean
Date 2012-01-18
Publisher Playbean
Fantasy Defense is a tower defense strategy game which is available now free for a limited time only. Five evocative fantasy worlds support fifty stages of no-holds-barred us-against-them strategy based combat. Three heroes destined for glory, flanked by loyal fighters and skilled mages face off against their foes. More than might will determine the outcome of this war. Use your resources wisely to acquire armor and skills to defend against and eventually devastate your enemies.

5 Enchanting, Terrifying Environments:
Bring order to chaos in the forest of darkness, fiery volcano, devil's dungeon, infinite wilderness and the infamous swamp of desire!

A Vast World With 50 Stages:
Hours of game play are guaranteed! Each of the five environments offers ten challenging stages to conquer.

Hero And Unit System:
Control your ultimate heroes and 12 mythical units in this new RPG style tower defense game!

Exciting Upgrades:
Improve your heroes by earning upgrades to enhance their performance and attain ultimate strength.

Special Items:
Twenty-four items and counting improve your heroes and increase the power of your army.

3 Game Modes:
3 modes of play let you experience Fantasy Defenders the way you want to, when you want to!
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