Feed the Zoo – Let your kid visit this crazy zoo and feed the lion, the crocodile, the monkey and other funny animals with the
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Visit this crazy zoo and feed the animals with the right food. You will hear funny sounds and music. A game for children and adults.

Unusual graphics, music and human sounds… you will be invited for a short journey into a zoo full of hungry animals. They are waiting for their meals and you are their keeper. You have several choices of food to use. Just pick one food pictogram and sweep it with your finger in the direction of the animal's mouth. If this one is inappropriate, you will hear how angry or disappointed it is. When you pick the right food for the animal, you will be surprised by its satisfied growl. You may choose from two musical selections: the lion boogie or the accordion zoo melody.

You will find this game simple and fun but challenging. Your imagination will run away with a few minutes of playing.

Concept: Aljoscha Blau, Frederic Vartanian - Illustration: Aljoscha Blau -
Sound design & Music: Ellen Holck, Gordon Bannier
Technical realisation: Cyberline GmbH
Executive Producer: Frederic Vartanian
© Selgri 2012
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