Finger Book Collection 1 HD
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Finger Book Collection 1 HD consists of the 5 most touching stories of the Finger Books series. Either in the animal kingdom or the human world, brilliant illustrators created and polished one loving story after another. Along with the sweet voices of the dubbing specialists, we invite you and your family to listen together.
Finger Books 5-in-1 contains:

Buying Mittens
Little Fox has grown up nice and healthy under her mother's nurture. He soon experienced his first winter, which was filled with uncertainties and surprises. As it was getting colder and colder, Mother Fox started to worry for Little Fox. So she led him to town, where he started a mysterious journey.

Mr. Fool Wants to Move the Mountain
This is one of the classic tales from Chinese literature. It tells about Mr. Fool who was so determined to move the mountains in front of his house that he asked his grandsons to join his effort. He did that for the next generations to have a better environment.

Grandpa Hippo’s Garden
Grandpa Hippo had always been shy and quiet. He loved gardening and owned a big big garden. In the garden were all sorts of fruit trees. The garden was filled with ripe fruits every season, but no one ever picked them. They just fell on the ground. Until one day, when the doves came by ……

The Drawing Boards
Mother Pig loved her Little Piggies very much and her great love didn’t spoil anyone of them. When the Little Piggies finally grew up, she encouraged them to go explore the world. After the children had packed their bags, she gave each Little Piggy a drawing board that she prepared, and told them how they can scare off their enemies by putting all six pieces together. Oh my! It’s the big bad wolf! The children quickly took out their drawing boards and put them together. What was on the drawing board?

The Kind Little Elephant
The Little Elephant looked very different compared with the other little animals in the forest, because he was huge and he also has a very long nose. Being oddly strange-looking, not only did all the other little animals in the forest treat him differently, they even made fun of him. However, the Little Elephant didn’t bear anyone a grudge. He was very kind and honest.
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