FireFighters Fighting Fire – The 911 Emergency Fireman and police free game
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Date N/A
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A fire a started on the biggest hotel in town, hundred of peoples are trapped inside.

The fire has spread fast and the smoke is intense, people are trying to survive but the are stuck inside.

While other firefighters are outside rescuing jumpers from death, you decided to go inside to fight the fire and extinguish it !

You are in the hallway, there a lot of smoke and fire, your visibilité is still good for now, so take your hose and spread water everywhere, some flames are easy to put out, some other will need a little more time to take out !!

Try to save as much people as possible, kids and adults needs your help, just pick them up to send them to safety.

The more lives you save, the more you'll go up in rank, unlock every firefighter equipement you can and become a hero !
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