First To 50 Free
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Games don't get much simpler than this! 50 buttons, numbered from 1-50. Your task - how quickly can you press 1 to 50?

This deceptively simple game is packed with features that will keep you coming back for more!

*** FOUR GAME MODES !!! ***
We have created four different game modes for you to try out!

Normal - Simply press 1, 2, ..., 50 in order as quickly as you can!

Reverse - How can you handle going backwards from 50 to 1?

Random - Think those were easy? Try a completely random order!

Mixed - A game mode comprising parts of the normal, reverse, and random game - your brain will be hurting by the time you finish!

**** FREEPLAY !!! ****
For a simple, non-pressurized way to play, simply play freeplay - with no countdown timers, this is a great way to practice!

Can you win the race to fifty when you are racing against the clock? Earn all the stars with the single player game!

**** MULTIPLAYER !!! ****
First To 50 is fully integrated with Game Center, meaning that you can play online against your friends! Think you can be first to fifty? Prove it!

With seven different leaderboards all integrated with Game Center, you can see where you really ranked against every other player in the world! Can you get to the top?

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go!
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