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Fishula, an ancient fish rose after 4000 years of sleeping.
According to the legend he was once bitten by dracula himself.
Now his only desire is to get back his old strenght by swalloing up smaller fishes.

Navigate Fishula through the sea – scenario with the joystick on the bottom-left.
To swallow up other fishes just swim through them.
As you eat other smaller fishes you will see your progress in your level – as soon as you hit the new one, fishula will get bigger.

There are three types of fish you will encounter:
First of all, the blue ones. They ate garlic to be safe from you. If you eat one of those you'll die.
The orange ones are eatable, but not if they are bigger than you! Just look at their faces – if you can see their fear – eat them up!
Those orange fishes which are not afraid of you will just push you away.

Will you help Fishula to get back his old strenght?

Use the online – highscore to find out which place you have reached in the world and how many fishes you've eaten overall.

Are you good enough to get up to rank 1?
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