Genre Misc -> Casual
Today's Rank 29981
Date 2012-04-19
Publisher ReignDesign
Date 2012-04-19
Publisher ReignDesign
Flockwork stars a flock of adorable but helpless sheep and a good-natured - but somewhat unreliable - sheep dog.

The game's introductory sequence reveals sheep escaping while a dog has dozed off. The player is then tasked with guiding the sheep back to safety through a variety of puzzles and obstacles across 80 levels spread out over several campaigns. The ability to collect stars, unlock bonus stages, and obtain numerous achievements add to the game's replay value. With the game's unique control system, the 'flock' moves together when the player swipes their finger on the screen, forcing them to keep an eye on each sheep so they don't escape or end up in harm's way.

* 80 Levels: Puzzles and clever designs test your problem solving skills and reflexes
* Unique Touch Controls: The flock moves together, so you have to keep your eye on every sheep
* Retina Graphics: Beautiful cartoon graphics and animations that both kids and adults can enjoy
* Achievements: Over 30 Game Center achievements
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