Follow the Leader for Kakao
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"Follow the Leader for Kakao" is an official mobile game featuring Jennifer Lopez, Wisin and Yandel, and it was motivated by their music, "Follow the Leader".
▶ Optimized for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5.

Parkour competition with Jennifer Lopez, Wisin and Yandel.
You become the best hero at Acapulco beach!

Jump between buildings, rappel down on a wire, and walk on walls!
Your passionate running stops when you're caught by followers.
Wanna play?

How to Play

1. Coins
▶ Obtain as many coins as you can during your running. Coins let you upgrade your character's skill, and buy valuable items.

2. Clock item
▶ Clock item extends play time. Must-have items to run longer.

3. Jump between buildings
▶ Just tap the screen, and you can jump between buildings

4. Vaulted jump (parkour point +1)
▶ You can do vaulted jump when you tap right before a small obstacle, and this earns you parkour point.

5. Walk on walls (parkour point +1)
▶ Just tap repeatedly on any billboards. You can walk on them.

6. Rolling (parkour point +1)
▶ Sometimes you have to jump from very high building. In this case, you can swipe down, and your character will be rolling without stumbling.

7. Wiring or Swing (parkour point +1)
▶ You will see many wires and swings during your race. Just tap the screen to grab it.

8. Sliding
▶ Sometime you encounter sliding obstacles. Swipe down for sliding.

9. How to extend time
▶ Obtain clock item, and extend time immediately
▶ Get parkour point by performing parkour action. Time will extend when parkour gauge is full
▶ Upgrade character skill at store
▶ Use powerups at store

10. Game over cases
▶ When time is over
▶ When fallen between buildings
▶ When caught by followers
▶ When locked in obstacles

11. Energy
▶ One energy, one play
▶ Energy will be recharged after certain amount of time
▶ You can get one energy by inviting Facebook friends
▶ Send 5 energies to other players, and you get one energy
▶ You can buy them at store

Fall in fatal love with parkour action!
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