Four Letter Flip Free
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Four Letter Flip is easy to play!

The game starts with a deck of letter cards. Four of them are used to create a random word. The others go into your letter deck. Use them to make new words by changing one letter at a time in the starting word. Flip them from left to right and back again to shuffle through the deck. Drag a letter to the desired location. The small number to the left of your decks shows you how many letters are left.

Having trouble? Try the “New Word?” button. But use it wisely! You only get a limited number of them and each new word results in a scoring penalty.

Every effort has been made to eliminate “objectionable” words from the list of random words you start with, but the words YOU come up with are not censored. If you’re playing in view of your mom or little kids - be careful.

A little strategy is advised. Some words are much easier to build off of than others! It’s pretty easy to turn BARE into CARE and CARE into CARD, but words like NAVY and OKAY are a little tougher to build on.

Work quickly and earn bonus points based on the time remaining and number of letters used. The faster you make new words and the more words you make, the bigger the bonus. Use all of your letters and collect a mega bonus!

The clock is ticking...start Flipping!
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