Freddi Fish's Maze Madness
Genre Action -> Arcade
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“It’s 100% pure Maze Madness!”

Dive in the labyrinth of underwater caves to collect all the scattered kelp seeds

Explore over 100 maze-crazed caverns

Chocolate covered worm doodles, purple sea urchins and underwater birthday cakes! Collect them all!

Armed with peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches and a bubble shooter to stop hungry fish

Build custom levels to play with your friends

Maze Madness is an animated junior arcade game that is jam-packed with fast-and-furious gameplay that satisfies kids’ hunger for action and surprises! Starring lovable characters and high-quality, hand-drawn animation that families have come to expect. This arcade action series will provide hours of action and fun for your children. Perfect for 4 -7 year olds.

• Over 100 maze-crazed caverns to explore!
• Junior Helper with unlimited peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches and bubble shooter
• Simple touch screen swipe and tap navigation makes it easy to guide Freddi.
• Collect valuable surprises like chocolate covered worm doodles, purple sea urchins and underwater birthday cakes!
• Watch out for pesky sharks, lantern fish and puffer fish.
• Sea sponges, boulders and teleporting whirlpools and some of the items you’ll need to succeed.
• Read-along text sub-titles. You have the option to turn on (or off) text that matches each line of dialog. Perfect for hearing-impaired, early reading and learning English.
• Custom level builder
• Place your name on the leaderboard


Grandma Grouper has invited Luther to stop by for some of his favorite chocolate covered worm doodles but she is not at home. Luther can’t stop himself trying to find where she keeps them and opens up Grandma Grouper’s Kelp Seed Treasure chest and all the kelp seeds are swept away by a strong current.
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