Fun Dinosaur Kids Memo Matching Game
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A Fun game with a variety of Dinosaurs.

A Memory Match game for kids to improve their memory. Dino Matching is an amazing game for kids to improve their recognizing skills. Kids would love playing with Dino who has come back from the ancient world of dinosaurs.

It is a sort of memory game where kids can improve their memory skills while playing this funny game on the phone. Enjoy Dino Kids Matching with your kids and help them increase their learning.


- Easy Game play.
- Tic-Toc timer to challenge the speed at which your kids are playing.
- Best flipping animations.
- Scores at the end telling you how fast did you complete the level. The faster you complete the rack the more scores you earn.
- Animated Splash Screen.
- Colorful HD images.
- Original tic-toc timer sound.


- Tap the play button to get started.
- Start tapping the cards until you match them up in pairs.
- Complete the matching quickly as the timer keeps on ticking.
- Scores are displayed once the level is cleared.

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