Fun Steps - Robots
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Want to walk around, like a big, huge robot? Now it's your time! Fun Steps - Robots is an essential application for having a lot of robotic and mechanical fun. Using state of the art motion detection technology, you can walk and sound like a big, huge robot! Every step you take, the sound of your step will be of a huge mechanical creature – so you’ll sound like a real robot or mech! And it doesn’t count if your shoe is silent – the noise will come from your mobile device when you step with it. And remember - practice makes you a real master of Fun Steps - Robots!

Most important features to have fun with Fun Steps - Robots:

You are walking, like a mech or a robot, a big cyber mechanical entity emitting strange, machine-like sounds.

If you ever imagined, how a mechanical exoskeleton sounds, how a big walker droid steps away, how this big machines sounds alike then you can hear all gears and cogs turning, steam exploding, valves opening. A lot of equipment works together to generate the robotic fun with control over noise and sound, and of course with volume control.

Even for beginners it’s worth to try the sound of the robots, the fun it causes. But only few can be true masters of the robotic steps, as mastery is achievable by a lot of practice. The application is fully configurable to help you being the master of fun with Fun Steps – Robots.

So being a robot is really easy and it gives you a great feeling. You’ll simply sound like, and walk like a mech or robot, causing a lot of fun to everyone around you. Jokes, surprises on a party, all will be the part of the entertainment by you – even you can use Fun Steps – Robots as a party game.

Try it out and then share the world and let your friends, colleagues, children to try it out – even girlfriends (or boyfriends) can be curious about the huge fun factor of Fun Steps – Robots contains.

The best of the best: you can share your adventure on the Facebook, so you can invite your contacts to live the same fun as you’ve done before. you can play together, figure it how to perfect your style with it. Creavity makes us a lot of fun this case!
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