Galactic Ninja
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-04-03
Publisher Mars Tech
Date 2012-04-03
Publisher Mars Tech
In a distant segment of the Pandora universe, an intergalactic war erupts between the Ninja League and the notorious Kitler, brother to the Ninja Grandmaster Kizan. Determined to avenge their master's murder at the hands of his renegade brother, the three ninja heroes, Noran, Lynn, and Xanji, must journey through the galaxies of their universe in a desperate fight against the evil Kitler and his maniacal generals.

Play through over six galaxies and 60 action-packed levels in a story-based shoot-'em-up game that's sure to have players begging for a sequel as you control ninja Noran on his quest for justice, aided by his two faithful friends. The game also contains a "Video Center" which is a theatrical one-stop-shop for short skits that automatically play as you reach a key milestone within each galaxy. Some skits are funny while others are more dramatic and serious. Regardless, they will keep you interested in this group of young warriors and their intriguing story.
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