Galaxy Touch
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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Galaxy Touch is an exciting game that challenges your reaction, coordination and attention!

The rules are super easy - You need to hold the moving object with your finger within given time.

Galaxy Touch contains:
- Easy Levels Block (10)
- Medium Levels Block (10)
- Hard Levels (10)
- 3 extra Infinity levels (with low/medium/high speed) You can play these levels endlessly, setting the new record anytime you play!
- New levels are coming soon!

- Tap the object (it lights up when touching)
- Hold the moving object with your finger within the given time
- There are two moving objects on Medium and Hard Levels, so be ready for the challenge!
- Infinity levels contain objects that move in random direction with low, medium or high speed on your choice. There is no time limit. The longer you hold the object, the more scores you get!
- To access new levels, you have to pass the previous ones
- You can see the motion plan of the object in the beginning of each regular level

Develop your motor skills and train your concentration! And just enjoy it and have a great time!
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