Genre Misc -> Casual
Today's Rank 27901
Date 2012-08-13
Publisher Fireflux
Date 2012-08-13
Publisher Fireflux
layers of GemPulse must quickly build chains of like-colored Gems to create a large circuit. The player will then detonate the circuit, awarding points to move on to the next level. Race against the clock to build the largest circuit, then blow it up!

The goal of GemPulse is to reach a target score before the timer elapses. Each level consists of one white gem and an array of other colored gems. A pulse begins at the white gem and travels outward, creating a chain to like-colored gems. Every third gem in the chain will continue to chain to all adjacent gems, regardless of color. The player replaces gems one at a time to grow the length of the chain, and finally detonates it for points.

Each level in GemPulse represents an 8x8, two-bit picture. A crossbow, a reference to Scorched Earth, and a broken heart are among the many levels to play. Players can earn bronze, silver, or gold medals for completing levels quickly by reaching the target score.

Players must vary their strategy while playing GemPulse. A player can detonate their chain at any time, collecting points for the length of the chain. The longer the chain, the higher the score multiplier will be. Players must balance the detonation of chains against the complexity of the current puzzle in order to best determine when to detonate. Multiple detonations can be performed per level.
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