Ghoti Word Game Pro
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Are you fishing for a word game? Try knitting nets of words with Ghoti!

In order to catch the most points possible, you must knit your net of words as tight as you can. Spin the reels of the slot machine and use the letters you get to knit your net of words!

Knit your nets in sizes from 3x3 through 9x9 meshes and challenge your Facebook friends!

A new and challenging passtime for you who have grown tired of hangman or crosswords!

- Choose game size from 3x3 through 9x9 letters
- Challenge your Facebook friends
- Share your word nets with your friends on Facebook or Twitter
- Choose between English and Swedish dictionaries
- Unlimited number of parallel active games
- Ad-free play in this premium version

Copyright Notices

For Swedish game play, Ghoti makes use of a word list which is a modified version of Den Stora Svenska Ordlistan (DSSO): This modified version can be downloaded here

Both DSSO and the Ghoti variant word list are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license:
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