Goblin King Unearthed
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Goblin race is cruel and bloodthirsty. Deep in the bellows of swampland and the winding canyons of scorched earth that litter the battlefields of old, stands Goblin King. Defender of his dark rule, he savagely rips and tears at claimants to his throne with devious weapons forged from nightmares and bathed in blood. All with one cold certainty… it's good to be the king.

Goblin King is the second character in Tenfold Games fantasy arena phenomenon, an entirely new form of immersive arena battle using your mobile device! Gather your friends and battle face-to-face as the Goblin King, the second collectible character available in the Unearthed™ combat arena system.

Wield your device and rend your opponents to shreds with the vicious bone axe or barrage them with a fury of strikes from Goblin King's Patchwerked Gauntlet!! Cause your opponents blood to chill with your panic-inducing howl, then sweep in for the kill!!

Bringing players together again, Unearthed transforms you into a warrior and pits you against your opponent toe-to-toe in arena style combat. Use your device to execute a series of light or a heavy attacks with ranged and melee weapons. Manage and select your weapons, watch your opponent to evade and block attacks and use special abilities.

-Develop numerous offensive and defensive combinations.
-Strategize to time the perfect movements.
-Become better with each battle.

Wield the King's collection of brutal and terrifying weapons or perform special abilities to increase attacking and defending ability!

-Name your unique character and keep track of your wins and losses!
-Explore the lore of the King and his weapons, armor and special abilities to perfect your battle strategy and defeat your friends!
-Use 'freestyle mode' to virtually attack with the King's Bone Axe!
-Practice your movement and techniques while not connected to a challenger!

Watch for and expect frequent updates and new features!

★★★ Look for new characters coming soon! ★★★

Goblin King is the second in a series of collectable characters in the Unearthed arena battle system. Watch for upcoming releases and follow Tenfold Games to get updates, special hints and get in on the conversations.

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