Gravity Blocks
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-04-29
Publisher Sirniks Media
Date 2012-04-29
Publisher Sirniks Media
In Gravity Blocks, the goal is to help Henry, the main character of the game, to change the direction of gravity. The gameplay of gravity blocks is unique and the graphics and sound create a nice atmosphere.

The player can play 60 varied and exciting levels. In each level there is the main block and the goal which Henry must reach, but there are also many other blocks which make it easier or even harder to reach this goal. To change the positions of the blocks the player has to change the direction of the gravity and so a new arrangement of blocks arise. But beware! There are many different blocks which will block your way. You must turn your disadvantage into your advantage and use the the specific properties of them to help Henry.

Use the touch screen to change the gravity or rotate your device and blocks will fall in the direction of earth's gravity. Play 60 varied and exciting level and collect all stars by finishing the level with few moves. By collecting stars you can unlock new levels and share your score in Game Center.

The individual levels have a very varied gameplay as there are many different types of blocks. For example if Henry hits the Zombieblock he dies or if he hits a bomb block it will explode or he can make use of anti-gravity blocks to hover in the air. Static blocks are fixed and are not influenced by the gravity. Jello blocks will catch one block until another block will kick him out. Love blocks are fixed together and never lose their form. Gravity Blocks supports Game Center Achievements and leaderboards and has full retina support.
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