Guess America
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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How well do you know America?

Guess America is a new word game which comes to test how well do you know America, including beautiful places, parks, states, cities, brands, food, and much, much more. Amazing game for kids, educative, fun, easy to play.


Unique experience, with a simple Flat design, this game will improve your knowledge about America, you will be amazed by awesome places you didn't know that exists in America.


With a flat design this game will make you more excited to have the new iOS 7 installed on your device. Without multiple colors, buttons, menus, this simple design let you focusing on the game, on pictures and word.


Get help from your friends, posting your question with one touch on Facebook, absolutely for FREE. Or you can Skip a word if you don't know it, easy, just one touch and for FREE if you have at least 250 coins.

IMPORTANT: This game will let you buy 1000 coins for just $0,99 ONLY, AND ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE LESS THAN 250 Coins, to PROTECT our users by accidentally purchase.

FOR ANSWERS, Post Your Question on Facebook:
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