Hazard Rush
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Sit on the edge of your bus, train, subway, office or toilet seat as you evade enemies, trigger bombs, and collect multipliers in pursuit of your high scores. Hazard Rush is half Snake, half Geometry Wars, and half Temple Run (maybe that last one is just SEO).

★ Three fun game modes
★ Thumping soundtrack
★ Detailed stat collection to track progress
★ Replays of your most recent and best scores
★ No pay-to-win nonsense, all skill

Hazard Rush comes with unlimited access to the Rush game mode and the Stats page. A one time in app purchase will unlock Endless, Pacifism, and Theatre mode.

Quotes from die hard fans:
★ "Better than the calculator app, I guess" - Mark
★ "It's lovely, sweetheart, but how do you play?" - Mum
★ "Fun as hell whilst driving alone #yolo" - Sunny
★ "The most fun you can have on your phone without an internet connection" - Justin
★ "I might play this if I played video games" - Eva
★ "Hazard Rush is my favourite game of all time" - Barack Obama*

*Unconfirmed quote
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