Heroes of Pelegrin
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-01-24
Publisher X1fusion
Date 2012-01-24
Publisher X1fusion
The object of HoP is to advance a specific character while working as part of a group. That's done via regular level play, equipment, and the earning or purchasing of trait points. There is no cap on the number of talent rewards that a player can claim, so there is unlimited potential for a character's advancement.

There's a lot of flexibility in the HoP app. Players can have a lot of fun playing alone, as part of a virtual group. The user takes on the role of his/her choice and plays out the associated objectives, while the app provides virtual team members to fulfill the other roles. Users can also participate in the app's Game Center multiplayer function for a total or partial human group of players, each with an assigned role to play.

Some of the other options available in this app include zone level selection and a choice of six characters from six different classes, all with unique abilities and requiring strategic play and group co-operation for success.

* Easy to use interface
* Combines group play, dungeon excitement and the joy of character advancement
* Play alone as one part of a virtual group or multiplayer with friends on multiple devices
* Six character classes, each with unique abilities
* Unlimited talent rewards
* Select own zone level
* Auto loot pickup - no buttons to press
* Game Center backup to iCloud
* No global cool-down with unnecessary, repetitive button pressing
* Easy, simplified statistics
* In-app purchase of extended campaign available
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