Hey, it's my turn!
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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If you are tired of launching birds into pigs or re-arranging jewels to match one another, check out the newest Puzzle App from Pixel Hauz studios, Hey, it's my Turn! This puzzle game uses sequences to develop memory, reaction, and thinking skills; it can be enjoyed by children as well as teenagers and adults of all ages.


Players begin by selecting the mode. The first mode is a level stage, choosing one of eight different levels, in increasing difficulty. At the first stage, you see a three by three grid with the top two rows filled with faces. You have to determine which faces are in a sequence and then choose the corresponding face at the bottom to fill in the row. Once you have the sequence down, you have to fill in the remaining two slots with the remaining two faces. Which ones should go in which slot? You have to use your brain to get it right and get the high score for each level. Solve ten puzzles and get an extra life for better progress. At the higher levels it gets more difficult: up to a six-by-six grid to make the decisions more challenging.


The second mode is a time choice mode, in which the amount of time you take to decide the correct order is critical. Can you clear all the stages in less than sixty seconds or thirty seconds, depending on the stage difficulty? Solve at least one puzzle and get extra time. Some hard modes demand you get it done quickly -- be fast, because the clock is ticking!


The features of the Hey, its my Turn! puzzle app are designed to be a challenge to anyone interested in a mental workout. Hey, its my Turn! includes

*endless re-playability with unique sequences in each game
*music that keeps the game live and fast-moving
*puzzles that will be sure to put your thinking process to the test
*difficulty that increases pace with each stage
*mechanisms that improve memory and reaction speed
*multiple game patterns, from 3 by 3 to 6 by 6 grids
*a Leaderboard and Achievement game center to compare your results to friends
*graphics that were designed for the iPad's and iPhone's new retina display.
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