Hurry, Rebel!
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Hurry, Rebel!

Your name is Baik Bonam. You live in a World That Never Smiles and you are in great danger.

Something bad has happened – you actually smiled as a first person in decades! Now the evil

Dictator is trying to stop you from starting a Smile Rebellion. Hundreds of soldiers and militiamen

are after you. Run for your life! Run for freedom!

Each time someone buys this game, we give 10% of our earning to non-governmental organizations

fighting for human rights!

Hurry, Rebel! is the first game of the upcoming series, Good Fight Games. Main features of the

game include:

* beautiful 3D graphics made entirely from plasticine;

* dangerous enemies to avoid;

* 2 different control schemes to choose from;

* lots of awesome power-ups to pick up;

* awesome music in the background;

* secret comic book to discover;

* dozens of achievements to unlock;

* ability in publishing your score via Facebook or Twitter;

* fun and engaging gameplay!
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