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Instaminion is the perfect companion app for all players of Donald X. Vaccarino's deck building card game, Dominion. At its core, Instaminion randomizes and generates a set of 10 random kingdom cards for you to use as your supply in Dominion.

This AD-FREE version of Instaminion supports all current Dominion expansion sets and promo cards for randomization or viewing.

Randomized sets can be adjusted and customized to your personal preference. Individual cards can be vetoed from a set and replaced by another. Cards can be placed on a Whitelist to always include a card in a random set. Cards can also be placed on a Blacklist which prevents a card from ever appearing in a random set. The frequency of Attack cards can be adjusted should you want more or less attacks coming up in a random set. If you like a set, you can save them as a Favorite Set to be viewable at a later time.

Every Dominion player has their own preference in how they sort their cards. Some may prefer sorting by name, by cost or even by type. With Instaminion, you can select how you sort your cards and if they are grouped by expansion. Cards with a potion cost from the Alchemy set can also be grouped together.

If a random set is not what you want to play, all of the recommended sets from the rulebooks can be viewed in the app. Also, every card can be viewed in detail allowing you to see what each card says to allow an informed decision as to whether you keep or veto a particular card.

• Includes all boxed expansion sets and promo cards.
• Cards can be sorted by Name, Cost or Type (e.g., Action or Treasure).
• Cards can be grouped by expansion.
• Potion cards can be selectively grouped together or among the others.
• Line item veto any card from the random set if you prefer not to use it.
• Whitelist the cards you always want in a set.
• Blacklist the ones you never want.
• Select the frequency of Attack cards from None, Less, Normal and (if you're gutsy) More.
• Save a random set as a Favorite Set.

Instaminion does not allow you to play Dominion and is not affiliated or endorsed by Donald X. Vaccarino, Rio Grande Games or Goko.
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