Jaws Revenge
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2011-10-06
Publisher Fuse Powered
Date 2011-10-06
Publisher Fuse Powered
In the game, the shark is on a quest to attack and devour everything and everyone, including seagulls, boats and planes. Jaws Revenge is based on the classic blockbuster franchise, and features the giant shark on a wild rampage. Players control Jaws as he swims through three stages and thirty levels via one-touch gameplay to guide him to his next meal.

Be the shark! Play as one of the most famous movie characters of all time. Touch and hold to dive deep underwater and release to leap out of the waves for an in-flight meal.
Thirty randomly-generated levels to eat your way through, set in three locales including Amity Island, setting of the 1975 classic.
Eat people. Almost 70 different people and objects just waiting to end up in your hungry shark belly.
Two Modes to experience. Objective Mode has gamers attempt to accomplish certain actions, earning Shark Tooth coins and unlocking new features, while Free Swim allows gamers to play a single level, aiming for max distance and objects eaten.
Get deadlier. Collect Shark Tooth coins and use them to upgrade the shark's attributes, add Frenzy charges and unlock content.
Game Center integration. Includes over 60 possible achievements and Free Swim Leaderboards.
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