Jeep Out of Control
Genre Action -> Arcade
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It was a terrible winter vocation. I shouldn't waste my time on this game, I could learn Flash, or I could work on Heavy Quark Effective Theory, but I thought I introduced a better way to play this kind of games.

It looks a wonderful idea, I promised my friend to record a video about the game engine. I chose to use this new way to handle the cars in games, it is easier to write the code because I have done this before in another game.

It looks cool. Think about it, 2 joysticks? One for move and the other for shoot? No way! Everyone is doing that! It is indeed easier for players to understand but too complicate to handle! Try one, there are many games with 2 joysticks, just try one you will hate that.

So I choose this new way to operate, designed for touch screens, more nature and more straightforward ---- drag to move, press to shoot.

Apart from that, there is no room for 2 joysticks in portrait games, why portrait? I can put the camera high enough in a portrait game so you will never find out that the tires are not turning when the jeeps are moving!

Besides, using a joystick to shoot, the weapons such as rockets that target on a spot cannot be used!

It's cool to have this new way to play this game, right?

No, unfortunately not...
You will soon find out that you will not be able to see the graphics behind your hands.
And this "new way" is just too new to understand. My friends tried my game, none of them, exactly none of them can understand how to handle the jeep on their first try in spite of the present of the training Level.

But there is a good news. My girl-friend can fight to the 3rd deck using only 1 hand. If the iPhone5 has plenty of reasons to support one hand operation, why shouldn't the games?

By the way, multi-touch is supported, one hand operation is only for girls.

2 Multi-Player mode are supported, you can get better weapons in Cooperate mode, or you can fight with one of your friends in Duel mode. But before you play the multi-player games, there is one more thing you need to know ---- I also designed an Achievement which you can get if you disconnect from the multi-player games frequently enough. Well, so you will always have something to play, right?

Whatever, hope you have fun!
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