Jetpack Subway Fighter - Special Agent Endless Run Game
Genre Action -> Dancing
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Date N/A
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Agent YOU, Strap your Jetpack and race to the subway to fight some mmmm... bad guys?!

The all new and mega fun endless fighting game you never knew you would love so much is here. Flay fast, flay hard and do not lift your hand from the trigger. Shoot them all right out of the sky for good!

This fun and exciting game is all about speed and hand eye skill. Flying the mega jetpack is not that easy. add to the fact that you are also the gunner so things can get pretty heavy for our little hero agent. But that would not stop him from causing a burn out in the subway station.

Control your jet with one finget, press to go up, release and it will go down. touch the left side of you device and our hero will fire a bullet for you. Truly this game is as easy as it is fun.

Game features:
*Awesome graphics and game play
*Cool music and sounds
*Special IAP - Kids Mode. Use this and never die

If you love this game as much as we do please come and say hello to the other Jetpack Subway Fighters and as always.... Please do not forget to rate our special little agent.
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