Laser Chambers
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Professor Mattalino is in TROUBLE...

The terrible Dr Tuso has stolen his revolutionary new potion and plans on using it for evil!

The potion has been locked in a security vault, deep inside the laboratory chambers, which can only be opened by using a powerful laser. It will be tricky, but we still have a chance to stop Dr Tuso's wickedness. We must guide the laser from Professor Mattalino's laboratory to that safe, crack it open and save the day!

Will you help?


Direct a laser through twisting tunnels and tricky chambers, to open the dastardly Dr Tuso's security safe, claim back the Professor's stolen potion and save the day!
Drag, drop and rotate crystals, switches and more to guide Professor Mattalino's laser through each chamber and catch his arch nemesis- the evil Doctor Tuso!

** Claim back what is rightfully yours! **
** Save the professor's potion before it's too late! **



Change direction with crystals!
Divide your laser in two with splitter tubes!
Dodge bombs!
Zap through portal rifts!
Use electricity and 'confusium' lasers too!
Illuminate the way with the laser when in darkness!
Collect scientific anomalies along the way!
Stuck? Find and use hints! Or skip!
Can you achieve 3 stars on every level?

100 puzzling rooms to navigate!


This game includes the option to make in-app purchases.
Hints: Stuck in a chamber? Using a level hint will give you a clue about how to solve the puzzle.
Skips: You can skip levels to progress in the game without completing the laser puzzle yourself

Always consult the bill payer before making purchases.
Laser Chambers is an entertainment App created by Jampin
Laser Chambers is a puzzle game compatible with iPad and iPad Mini.
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