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CLASSIC & FUN Word Gameplay that You Love!!
Challenge Friends in REAL TIME!!
LIVE Multiplayer Games & NO WAITING for Turns!!

LetterSnatch! is the word game that is made specially for you!

Play with friends LIVE for crazy word making frenzies and get INSTANT results, which means no waiting for rounds or turns!

We know you hate waiting and seeing unfinished games, and so do we.

That is why we have developed LetterSnatch! A great looking game that offers gameplay that is:


Connect with Facebook and find friends online, who are having a great time with LetterSnatch! as well.

LetterSnatch! presents multiplayer word making manias with players from all across the globe. We know if you like playing word games, you will love LetterSnatch!

Make as many words with the given set of letters, and score more than your friend or random opponent in one minute.

Challenge your friends and yourself, and have a great time!

Quick games that can be played anytime, anywhere, that are designed for one purpose only:

To make you HAVE FUN!!

No complicated menus, popup ads, annoying lobbies or locked features!

We guarantee once you start playing LetterSnatch! you will have a blast.

Like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lettersnatch/661562233859510

You can reach us for any support, feedback or queries at:
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