Little Green Arrow
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Welcome to the world of Little Green Arrow - the retro bee defender!

The enemy is fierce and the giant bees are ready to attack - is your aim accurate enough to fend them off? In Little Green Arrow, you play as Green Arrow, the mightiest bowman in the land. This addictive platformer will keep you on the edge of your seat as the bees are directed to your lair. Your worst enemy: the Red Warrior is out to destroy you - you must direct the bees into his lair by tapping to shoot an arrow their way!

Each level brings a new challenge as you shoot arrows to hit the bees; you do not treasure unlimited arrows - so make sure that every hit counts! Climb onto the three platforms to shoot arrows - hit bees as they come towards you by watching the mini-map closely. Little Green Arrow brings back the magic of retro games into the modern era with this fun, level-based defender style game. Struggling? Power-ups will help you through the game if the Red Warrior is defeating you - fire the bomb and watch the bees as they advance towards his base. Aim, shoot - defend!

You will love how fun and vibrant Little Green Arrow is - with beautiful graphics and fast-paced gameplay. Battle through the levels and bring down the Red Warrior in a battle for glory! Relive the retro days with iconic gameplay and find yourself immersed in the Little Green Arrow world! Scroll through the map and see your opponent as he shoots to direct the bees in this single player game! Then, increase your rank and play custom levels for even more fun! Are you brave enough to face the Red Warrior?

Enter the mighty world of Little Green Arrow and shoot to sting!

- Addictive and fun gameplay; Little Green Arrow can keep you entertained for hours!
- Beautiful, retro graphics; play in the vibrant yet dangerous world!
- Hit the bees to sting the opponent; this single player game will make you shoot to sting!
- Fun for the whole family; everybody will enjoy the adventures of Little Green Arrow
- Join our mighty warrior on his adventure of vengeance!
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