Math with Aliens Lite
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This special Ufos are called Ufoliats. They are coming to conquer earth. But if you act fast and clever, you can safe our planet. The Ufoliats come from the planet Ufolia in form of calculations – multiplikations and divisions. If you solve the calculation right you will be the hero and savior of earth. Good luck. Your Math with aliens -Team.

Watch and you will learn how to move the digits.

Especially for kids in elementary age is this triangle the best and easiest way to learn multiplikations and divisions brain-adapted. In the Training mode you calculate with numbers up to 100. Structured from row one to nine you can choose witch digits you like to train. Multiplying and dividing is the same – only reversed. Therefore one should never be teached without the other. For this reason each calculation is divided in four parts. It simplifies to understand the fact that divisions are only the contrairy to multiplications. The repetitions in this special triangulated way enables also a easy way to save the calculations in the brain. Try and enjoy the entertaining way to study math.

In the Play mode you can calculate with numbers from 100 to 10.000. In this mode you can check your calculation skills or match with your friends. Try and enjoy.
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