Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-04-19
Publisher BuffStone
Date 2012-04-19
Publisher BuffStone
MonTowers puts users in the shoes of a powerful sorcerer, who must summon a legion of monsters in order to dominate a series of towers, floor by floor. The game focuses on collecting and upgrading monsters, and pitting those monsters against others in coliseum-type combat in order to progress. There are over 100 tower levels to complete, and with twice that many monster varieties to collect and upgrade, the game gives players hours of entertainment.

In order to summon monsters, players collect monster coins and elemental gems. Monster coins are acquired by defeating ever-more challenging monsters in combat, while gems are collected by forays into the field - due to the energy draining nature of these excursions, only a certain number of gems can be collected during a given period of time. Once summoned, the monsters can be employed in combat. Users accumulate tokens within the game to speed the summoning process, create more room in their castle for monsters, and purchase HP potions and other special items.

* 200 unique monsters to collect
* Take part in combat sequences by choosing the optimal moment for your monsters to strike
* Each monster can be upgraded twice, first to the Elder level, then to Master, enhancing their stats and acquiring special combat skills along the way
* Create even more brutal, bloodthirsty monsters to command by blending the most intimidating creatures you have at your disposal
* More than 100 levels of towers to dominate, each represented by a horrifying new opponent
* Complete your collection and undertake mini-quests to gain achievements
* Boost your monsters' HP with potions, so you can keep them in fighting form
* Tokens can be purchased in app, but also replenish over time so you aren't dependent on buying them
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