Mushroom Age
Genre Misc -> Casual
Today's Rank 16639
Date 2012-08-17
Publisher Nevosoft
Date 2012-08-17
Publisher Nevosoft
Mushroom Age is an extreme traveling adventure throughout epochs filled with gripping hidden object tasks from characters of different civilizations.

When young scientist Tom disappears from his super secret laboratory right before his wedding, his fiancee, Vera, starts to search for him. Little did she know that she would embark on a trip through the ages! Her journey will take her to the Jurassic period, the Stone Age, ancient Greece, and the distant future where the world is ruled by gigantic intelligent mushrooms.

The player will be asked to walk through 23 chapters and millions of years. Exciting hidden object tasks located in the distant corners of the universe and a breathtaking storyline with striking characters, open the way for interesting worlds of alternate realities and pique the player's up to the very end. Help a dinosaur with a bad tooth, find an absolute true with Socrates, teach a cave man how to make fire, have Nostradamus predict your future and save the world for total destruction!

* Breathtaking story line with spectacular characters
* Unbelievable locations from the Jurassic period to the year 100,000,000 A.D.
* Puzzles and mini-games from Socrates, Nostradamus, and the Omniscient One
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