Nazi Zombie
Genre Action -> Adventure
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The once mighty Nazi War Machine has now become the Nazi *ZOMBIE* War Machine!
Become the All-American Hero, General Chaos, and stand alone against the hordes of the Nazi Zombies and become the savior of the free world!Inspired by the AppStore hits, Zombieville and Inkvaders, comes Nazi Zombies!
Fight through Western Europe collecting loot from your fallen foes and upgrade your arsenal of World War II weaponry!
Weapons include the Walther P38, Colt 1911, Tommy Gun, MP44, Bazooka, the all-powerful flamethrower and more!
Find the shops located through out the levels to purchase your weapons from 5 different categories (Pistols, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Rifles, and Special.) Don't forget to stack up on rations to heal!
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Screenshots added: 2013-07-22