Pathogen Defense
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-09-20
Date 2012-09-20
The game is a combination of the classic tower defense games, where the player has to defeat the particular number of enemies and stop them from reaching the strategic location, and action-strategy games, where the player possesses a single tower only, but also has to choose the type of a missile to the situation present in the given level, aim and fire.

In this game your job is to stop germs from going past your post. What you have at your disposal are the different types of missiles as well as randomly popping up power ups. You receive experience points for killing monsters, with the application of which you are given the possibility to enhance your structure.

Pathogen Defense combines nice, manually drawn graphics as well as colorful particle effects. Whereas the ethereal background soundtrack and spacious sound effects build up the climate which allows to get involved. The whole application is run by a physics engine, which ensures realistic missile and monster movement as well as the processing of collisions and other features.

* 2 game modes (Odyssey and Survival)
* 30 levels in Odyssey mode
* 15 types of enemies
* More than 60 ways of towers upgrade
* On iPad you can play with your friend
* Realistic physics engine
* Excellent graphics and sound effects
* Retina Display (3,5-inch and 4-inch) support
* Game Center support
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