Plumbing Mayhem
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Plumbing Mayhem is an arcade puzzle game where you are required to connect pipes from the bottom of the level up to the top. The goal is to have one continuous flow path where the water can navigate without having any leaks. Each level gets progressively harder as the height of the cavern is always increased as is the flow of water. You need to plug up your leaks quickly before the water reaches half for your screen.... SO HURRY UP!!!

To play this game simply place the next pipe, which falls from the sky, next to previously connected pipe. To rotate a pipe simply tap the pipe once placed... Once the pipe turns green you are good to go ;-).

This game was developed by students from St. Martin's Institute of I.T. (Malta) whilst participating in the annual Game Dev Challenge (2011) which was supported by LightHouse & Ashley (Malta).
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