Poker Kit Player
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The future of poker is here! Are you tired of wasting time shuffling and dealing cards during your Texas Holdem games? With Poker Kit you will never have to shuffle and deal again.

Poker Kit Player is an innovative application that gets rid of your deck of cards and features a blinds’ manager so you can enjoy your game in a much more dynamic and fun manner. This outstanding application brings together the best of live and online poker. It allows hands to be dealt with your tablet or smartphone so you and your friends can concentrate on the game. It’s just like having your own professional dealer at home!

If you are truly passionate about poker, enjoy a unique experience with this innovative application.

★To play Poker Client Kit Player do not forget to download the Poker Kit Dealer application at least one device so everyone can be connected, and play.

♠ The Poker Kit Dealer app allows up to ten players to join the game using this app.
♠ Crossplatform compatibility.
Includes blinds manager, and three game types (normal, turbo or cash).
♠ Games up to 10 players.

Quick Tips
♠ Remember that all devices must be connected to the same WiFi network.
♠ If you do not have a WiFi router, you can use the share Internet functionality of your smartphone.

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