Puck Me
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If you like turn based games Puck Me is for you!

Puck Me is an exciting, challenging, and skillful puck game. Each player gets four pucks to battle for the point zones.

An exciting "closes to wall" over time mode will be played for tie breakers to ensure each and every game has a winner!

Puck Me is FREE to play the two player mode. In this mode the device can be handed back and forth between players. This mode is free so that you can try before you buy the turn based mode by way of "in app purchase!"

WARNING! Puck Me does not contain any foul language but does wittingly use the word "Puck" in humorous ways during turn based only matches. Puck Me does have a password protected setting with in the settings (go figure) that will make all game play virtually baby friendly.

What are you waiting for?! Time to download!

Requirements include iOS 6+ and Gamecenter for turn based matches.

Puck Me works on iPhone 4+, iPod 4+, iPad Mini, and iPad (1,2 and 3).

-Another in app purchase that will unlock a whole mass load of pucks in every dynamically possible variation thinkable to choose from.
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