Reach the red ball FREE
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Date N/A
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Reach the red ball FREE is the free version of Reach the red ball, a physics simulation based game/application. In the free version, only 6 challenges are available along with a free use level..

The game consists in forcing the black ball to collide with the red ball in each level, that’s it!

No powerups, no gravity orientation, only your ingenuity to reach the red ball using gravity, collisions, shooting etc. Some objects are provided; you can then choose the appropriate ones for your solution. How to reach the red ball relies on your ingenuity (there are multiple solutions for the same problem).

The free use level is not a game but an entertaining/educating level where the user is free to do whatever he wants: building, destroying, setting up a custom challenge, experimenting or simulating classical mechanics with different gravity strengths etc.

This game is suitable for all ages (but not too kiddish).

There is no scoring, no timing, no stress.
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