Rebound Balls
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Leisure game to remove lines of balls which can rebound at the boundary.
Balls with different colors will be dropped onto the board. Touch on the ball to select it, and touch on the target cell to move it when there is a free path. If 5 or more balls are in a horizontal or vertical or tilting line, the balls will be removed and the score will be increased.
Removing a 5 balls line will gain 8 points.
Removing a 6 balls line will gain 11 points.
Removing a 7 balls line will gain 14 points.
Removing a 8 balls line will gain 17 points.
Removing a 9 balls line will gain 20 points.
What is amazing is that the tilting line can rebound at the boundary.
The next 3 coming balls are displayed below the board.
This game is ready for game center and your highest score can be shown in leader board to compete with other players. Wish you enjoy playing!
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Screenshots added: 2013-03-11