Room Ghost Event - Mysterious Haunted House Deluxe
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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In the remote mountains, there was an abandoned cabin. It was said that a certain demon was living there who would kill people and hang them on the roof. You read the story on some transnatural website and decided to see it for yourself. According to the website, the owner of the house had been living with his children. When disaster happened, he killed his children one by one since he would not want to see them die of hunger. After that tragedy, the ghost of the house owner had been haunting all the time; anyone who went into the house would be killed. In order to investigate the story, you sneaked into the haunted house. Suddenly, the door closed...

◆About deluxe edition:
Unlock all levels of this game.

The game contains many interesting puzzles.
Realistic scenarios created by 3D modeling.
The game containing multiple parts is rich in content.
Simple but elegant operation mode, supporting various gestures.
HD footage presents the amazing pictures to you.
The game provides the complete prompt function.
Supporting multiple languages.
Vivid interlude animation.

◆Voice of the developers:
Since learning programming, we have had a dream, hoping to create a software product to make players feel convenient, happy, or helpful. Although our ability still needs to be improved, we have always worked hard to realize our dream. We have always believed that miracles can be created through the game. As long as the game is good enough, it will be recognized by players. Sincerely hope players can like this new software developed by us.

◆We welcome all kinds of cooperation.
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