Shuriken Chicken
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-04-30
Date 2012-04-30
Shuriken Chicken is a stylized, side scroller game where players control a ninja chicken. All backgrounds, objects, and characters are made from hand cut felt, then photographed for use in the game. There are several 2D animated layers, as the black clad chicken with a red comb tries to run as far as possible, leaping over or sliding under obstacles, and bouncing off trampolines and springboards. He eliminates enemies in the way using shuriken, ninja throwing stars. Players start with three lives and try to run as far as possible with the help of power-ups along the way and quick reflexes.

* Unique art style, all graphics were hand cut from felt and photographed
* Fun, action packed, and highly addictive gameplay
* Simple gesture based controls: swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, tap to throw a shuriken
* Collect sweet shuriken power-ups
* Over 30 Game Center Achievements
* Game Center leaderboards: compete with friends and the world to see who can run the furthest distance
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