Speed Kittens
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-10-04
Publisher grey may LLC
Date 2012-10-04
Publisher grey may LLC
To us humans an action packed world where kittens take to the sky on jet packs, sky boards, and makeshift wings with paw-spun propellers to crash into zeppelins and each other may just seem like a dream. In the world of Speed Kittens, however, this is reality. If you have ever seen a kitten on a jet pack, you've probably noticed how clueless they can be when it comes to hot shot aviation. Luckily, they have you!

A typical scene in Speed Kittens will have kittens flying around aimlessly or free-falling, with zeppelins speeding by. Uh-oh! A zeppelin is getting close to escaping! Quickly you tap and hold onto a kitten. Next, while still holding, you use your cat-like reflexes to dodge two other careless kittens about to crash into your feline ace. You have the shot now, you make a long swipe towards the zeppelin and release, launching the kitten. Nice shot! Thanks to your sniper aim another bottle of milk is saved.

* Detailed animations bring the game to life
* Beautiful moving backgrounds
* Random gameplay elements; every time you play, something will be different
* Fast-paced gameplay. Get ready for a rush
* Lovable characters
* Unlockable Kittens! Anything from a Ninja Big Cat to an R Lion with aviator sunglasses
* Practice Mode, Realistic Physics, Power Ups, Game Center, Achievements, and much more
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