Springfield The Game
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Springfield the Game by AC4D

Welcome to Springfield the game, a 2 player turn-based board game brought to your iPhone and iPad.

Compete with your friends and strangers from around the world through Game Center. Springfield is easy to learn, and provides infinite ways to employ new strategy to prove your cunning. Easy to learn, yes. Hard to master, of course, addictive, probably, more fun than a barrel of monkeys…. sure why not!?

As long as you can count to 3, you can play Springfield.

Springfield: It’s your turn!


The object of Springfield the Game is to score more points than your opponent.

You gain points when tiles of your colour are selected during play. The number of points increases with each tile played until someone is blocked and cannot complete their turn. When this happens, the next player gets to select the position for the next zero tile, and play is resumed.

Remember, when you play on your opponent's tiles, you give them points, and when they play on yours they give you points. Build your strategy accordingly!

Blocking Tiles

To begin the game, you will select 8 of your opponent's tiles to block. Your opponent will select 8 of your tiles to block.

Number of Tiles You Can Play

You will be allowed to play 1, 2 or 3 tiles on any given turn, depending on the current phase of play.

Selecting The Tiles You Play

Zero-Point Tile: Select any unblocked tile on the board that has not yet been played.

First Move: Select any adjacent tile, horizontal, vertical or diagonal from the previous tile played.

All other Moves: Horizontal and vertical from the previous tile played only.

Easy Enough

If that feels like too much to take in all at once, don't worry, we'll make it easy.

At the top of the screen you will see the number of tiles you can play.

The tiles you are permitted to select will also be clearly highlighted. You really can't do anything wrong except lose!

Now go defeat all your friends!
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