Stick Ninja Quest
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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The struggle to protect the ancient ninja scroll of Knowledge and Power has always been a task for the strongest and pure of heart, and one such ninja exists, Katsuo the Stick Ninja. For many years Stick Ninja has been the protector and keeper of the ancient scroll. He has learned its ways and vowed to use its power to help the needy and defend the weak.
What Stick Ninja does not know is that an evil force is being conjured to find the scroll and take it from its keeper. The struggle to protect the scroll may cost Stick Ninja more than he knows. With his Dragon Princess kidnapped, and the scroll’s location compromised, he must find Akemi, the Dragon Princess, and still protect the scroll from Evil.
The Stick Ninja quest begins…

Save the Dragon Princess and the Ancient Scroll of Knowledge and Power from the evil leader of the Crane Warriors, Kasuki.
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