The Diver Buracco
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☆★ The video has exceeded 2 million views! ★☆
☆★ The free game app "shells Bracco" sets the stage to the sea in part 3! ★☆

"Jeje Bracco" is a game that let's you protect yourself from various obstacles while diving deeply into the sea!
Tilt the unit to skillfully control Bracco!

■Tilting Operation of Bracco ♪

By tilting the unit, you can control Bracco in the ocean.
Let's take a dive while overcoming various obstacles that appear on the way!

■ Swim by tapping ♪

Bracco will swim with a faster speed when you tap the screen.
Avoid various enemies such as squids, sea urchins and sharks!

■ oxygen supplementation by getting bubbles ♪

The "Oxygen meter"' will gradually reduce when diving for a long time or if you get hit by the enemy.
Bracco will drown when the "Oxygen meter" reaches zero,
Let's replenish the oxygen by getting the bubbles on the way!

■ Utilize items to dive deeper ♪

The treasure chest and shellfish that appears along the way will help Bracco.
Let's avoid getting into a pinch by using the items effectively!

"Kaigara Buracco" Official Website
"Unique Character Project" Twitter account
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